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MAY 2020

From the VIP guest’s bed…

…to expecting his royal heir!

After a fleeting yet exhilarating affair with Sheikh Sariq, hotel concierge Daisy knows life can’t be ordinary again! She resigns herself to only ever reliving the pleasure in her memory. But then she makes a shocking discovery that will cause chaos for this duty-bound king…

Unable to forget their connection, Sariq is intrigued when Daisy declines his summons to his palace. Yet finding out she’s secretly pregnant demands dramatic action! She’s far from a suitable bride…but for their baby he’ll crown her. If Daisy will accept!

THE SECRET KEPT FROM THE KING will be available May 2020

JUNE 2020

When summer flings turn serious...

Devastatingly handsome Rafaello Montebello has never known a woman he couldn’t charm, but he’s finally met his match in determined Ice Queen Lauren Monroe. He knows she’s got a softer side, but whenever he’s in the room, Lauren freezes over completely. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Raf decides to seduce the beautiful stranger. It starts off as fun – a distraction – but the closer he gets to Lauren the more he realises she was right to keep him at arm’s length.

Young widow Lauren lives a lonely life – completely by choice. Having experienced the agony of loving and losing someone before, she’s determined to avoid knowing that unique pain ever again. It’s a rule she’s never come close to breaking…until Raf Montebello enters her life and makes it impossible to say ‘no’.

A brief affair isn’t the end of the world, as long as she remembers that nothing lasts forever. Waking up in his arms might be sinfully sweet, but it’s just an illusion. Isn’t it?  


june 2020

One summer on a private island

With her ultimate temptation!

Schoolteacher Amelia Ashford warily agrees to a job in Greece caring for Santos Anastakos’s young son. But her priority is the welfare of the little boy, not the outrageous and irresistible billionaire who hired her. Even if their chemistry is off the charts!

Santos doesn’t believe in romantic love—his father has eight ex-wives. He does believe in tantalizing pleasure, and with innocent Amelia in his luxurious villa, it’s just a bedroom door away! But their passion will test Santos’s ruthless control more than he ever anticipated…

HIRED BY THE IMPOSSIBLE GREEK will be available June 2020