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A baby to secure his kingdom....

Powerful Sheikh Rafiq Al-Khalil has no interest in his bride of convenience. But a year into their cold marriage, he desperately needs an heir. For the sake of his kingdom, he must strike a bargain with his wife: to make their marriage a real one!

Chloe knew what she was getting when she married the enigmatic ruler of Ras el Kida, and their deal suited her just fine! But when he proposes a change to their relationship, Chloe is powerless to resist, and the heat that hums between them threatens to explode!

From a cold marriage of convenience to red-hot passion, but only for the sake of an heir....

Book one in the Evermore series: a passionate story about star-crossed lovers, destiny, and romance that sets your soul on fire.



Three years ago, undercover journalist Eleanor Jones published a story that led to Apollo's father's fatal heart attack. So when the powerful and ruthless Greek billionaire discovers her working in his sister's palace, he knows she's up to no good! Not wiling to risk more harm befalling his family, he kidnaps Eleanor, spiriting her away to his isolated Greek island. White sand, turquoise ocean, and all the privacy in the world - now if only he can resist falling under Eleanor's spell twice!

Eleanor Jones had fallen hard for Apollo, which made it impossible for her to write the story she'd been commissioned to research. Rather than betray the man she loved, she quit her job as a junior reporter. Only her editor took her notes and used them to publish the article that would go on to define Eleanor's career. Apollo will never forgive her for her part in his father's death, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want her... Can the innocent Eleanor find a way around Apollo's shielded heart and remind him of what they once felt for one another? 

You can read THE GREEK'S VIRGIN CAPTIVE NOW, or listen to the audio book in late 2019.